Our Products

Dolphin Natural Chocolates creates, GLUTEN FREE- non-dairy chocolate sweetened with dried cane juice. We sell them in specialty shops, health food stores in the United States and Canada. Dolphin Natural Chocolates are the very best product of their type on the market today - gourmet, dark chocolates that have been handmade with care since 1989.

Dolphin Natural Chocolates are available in eight delicious flavors. Each one-ounce chocolate is handwrapped in beautiful Italian foil in a rainbow of colors. Remember they are all gluten free and all dairy-free.

We also have a line of our same dark chocolate in which we dip fruit - papaya, pineapple and sulfured and unsulfered apricots. Each cellophane packet contains two hand-dipped fruit.

All products are available direct from Dolphin Natural Chocolates. To order, or request further information, go to our ordering info page.

20 - 1 oz cups Super Mix (contains all eight flavors) - $16.60

40 - 1 oz cups Super Mix (contains all eight flavors) - $32.80

60 - 1 oz cups Vegan Mix (contains a mix of four flavors: Mint Crisp, Organic Peanut Butter, Roasted Almond and Solid Dark) - $48.50

Bag of 2 fruits (Chocolate Dipped Papaya, Chocolate Dipped Pineapple or Chocolate Dipped Apricot) - $1.75

Dolphin Natural Chocolates recommends purchase of cold pack in warmer months. The cost per order is $4.75.

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